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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hike 27.07.13 Barranco Azuaje to San Andres

Left Dutch Link at around 0900 hrs on Saturday 27 July to catch the 0940hrs Nr210 bus to Arucas from where we would take the 1015hrs Nr 123 bus direction Moya. However on discussing this with the bus driver, we were advised to take the more direct 0950hrs Nr 234 bus to Moya instead as this was more likely to arrive in Arucas in time to catch the 1015hrs nr 123 bus - the only bus making this route on a weekend.
We realised belatedly that we should really have taken the 0840hrs bus to ensure that we arrived in Arucas in time - however luck was on our side and we arrived at exactly 1015 at the Arucas Bus Station and the Nr 123 Moya bus was 5 minutes late - phew! but parked next to our Nr 234 bus - a long story but may save someone a disappointment - next time we do a walk requiring thes buses we will go mid week - there are more buses.
Got off the bus just before the bridge over the Barranco Azuaje (see below phot0) at around 1045hrs, ready for our hike, Nr 10 in the Sunflower Gran Canaria Guide Book

The hike begins by crossing the bridge and taking the track to the Barranco floor

After a few minute we pass the ruins of an old Spa

and a few minutes later arrive at a picnic are - ideal for 11'ses
  Looking up the Barranco

the track is in places a bit overgrown

and criss-crosses the little stream
under overhanging rock faces
past delightful little waterfalls and rock pools

Some parts require a bit of scrambling up steep-ish rocks - someone has thoughtfully provided ropes to hang on to secured by rock bolts

more rope assisted scrambling
At this point we realise that we have probably gone too far - our hike is supposed to end at a waterfall - which we have not seen - but the track continues climbing towards Fontanales, a few kilometers away.
The Barranco opens up to a fertile area which people are farming

Decide to retrace our steps.

We decide that the original objective of the hike most be in this area - rock pool and small waterfall just visible behind some thick foliage - super place for lunch.
After returning to our starting point, we follow the track under the bridge towards San Andres on the northern coast.
The 4-wheel drive track ended at an abandoned farm complex (much further than indicated in the Sunflower Guide) and continued as a ridge path around the walls of a farm

The track took us through areas overgrown with bamboo/ cane

sometimes it was a bit difficult to find the path - a sign indicating that this was actually a "Camino Real" was very reassuring?

After a while meandering through the "jungle" a 4-wheel drive track reappeared winding its way between high walled banana plantations
Eventually we arrived at the San Andres football pitch and the motorway
A hundred meters or so to the right was our bus stop - we were very fortunate - within 5 minutes our bus (nr 103) to Las Palmas arrived.
This proved to be a very enjoyable varied hike.


Hike 20.07.2013 Cuevas de Corcho to Teror

Saturday 20 July we left Dutch Link to catch the 1000hrs Nr 216 bus from the Telmo bus station in Las Palmas to Teror
At the smart new Teror Bus Station we caught the 1100 hrs Nr 220 bus towards Antenara. 

(One has to be very careful with the 220 bus timetable - the only bus to go directly in the morning from Las Palmas to Artenara is the 0815 Sunday Bus. The only bus to go to Artenara Monday to Saturday is the Nr 220 which starts from Teror at 1100 hrs. Non of the other 220 buses go to Artenara.)

Got off the Nr 220 bus at Cuevas de Corcho at 1130hrs ready for a shortened version of Sunflower Gran Canaria Guide Hike Nr 6. 
(The sunflower hike starts in Cruz de Tejeda but, as we wanted to give ourselves more time and we had already done the section from Cruz de Tejeda to Cuevas de Corcho, we started at Cuevas de Corcho)

Our start of the hike

The first part of the hike was through a pine forest
many of the pine trees were infested with Spanish Moss - reminded us of parts of the East Coast of the USA

The trail passes the crater Las Calderatas, one of the islands most recent volcanos

an old village washing area
Due to Mike's health, we will not be cruising the Azores this year - found these beautiful Hydrangeas which reminded us of what we are missing!
Barranco del Charquillo

Lots of citrus trees (mainly Lemon)

The hike ended at  the bus station in Teror where we caught the Nr 216 bus back to Las Palmas.
A very enjoyable varied hike - the route took us along several roads but luckily they were not very busy.

Below are the Bus timetables we used - one should however check for the latest timetables as they do change occasionally