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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hike 14.07.2013 Artenara to C de Tejeda

Sunday 14 July we caught the 0815hrs Nr 220 Bus to Artenara

The bus stopped for 15 minutes at the smart new bus station in Teror

At around 1030 we arrived at Artenara
and had 11'ses at a cafe
Then we set off for one of our favourit hikes along the rim of Gran Canaria's central caldera to Cruz de Tejeda - Hike Nr 4 in Sunflower Gran Canaria Guide (in reverse, ie uphill)
Leaving Artenara - already with superb views across the caldera

Cave houses

Ermita de la Cuevita - cave church

climbing amongst the cave houses

Our route on an information board

which also shows how much we have to climb - 422 meters up and 180 meters down.

(Artenara is at 1274 meters (above sea level)
Highest point is 1698 meters
Cruz de Tejeda is at 1516 meters)

Good to know one is on the right route!
Following a forest track

then heading to the caldera rim at a sign indicating some caves
where we take a break with fantastic views

Roque Nublo to the left , Roque Bentaiga to the right

The trail continues to climb following the edge of the caldera
Roque Nublo in the centre
Shady spot for another break with a view
en route stretches

At 1630hrs arrived in Cruz de Tejeda where we had afternoon tea in our favourite cafe in the Parador - 
 after a most enjoyable relaxed hike.
(unfortunately our peace was shattered when a group of boisterous bikers arrived who did not appreciate how loud they were talking).
Took the 1730 hrs Nr 305 bus to San Mateo -the last bus of the day.
Then caught one of the many buses from San Mateo back to Las Palmas

Click on below link to read blog of previous time we did this hike :-

(below are photos of the Nr 305 bus timetables for the Cruz de Tejeda bus stop - times are actual times bus passes Cruz de Tejeda

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