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Monday, August 9, 2010

Madeira Wicker Sledges Monte, Funchal 7 Aug 2010

One of the tourist attractions in Funchal is to take a ride in a wicker sledge from the hillside village of Monte towards Funchal, a distance of 4 kms which takes about 20 minutes. The sledges were introduced in 1850 as a convenient way to descend to Funchal.

Click on bottom left arrow to start video:-

At the end of the ride, the sledges are loaded onto a truck to bring them back to the start.

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mgjb said...

Hello Mike & Jeanette
Great blog you have and even a more interesting life. Perhaps this blog will one day become like the collected short stories of Somerset Maugham? I look frequently at your stories and often feel tired just reading it!
Any idea when you would visit NW Europe again (if ever?).
Take care, Hans B. (old colleague in NAM and Nigeria if you can still remember)