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Monday, December 13, 2010

Sail Corralejo to Las Palmas, 11 to 12 December 2010

As forecast, the depression finally moved off to the north east and the wind turned from south to NE. We left our berth in Corralejo on the north side of Fuerteventura at 11.30 11 December and headed west then south west to Las Palmas on Gran Canaria.

After 4 hours of motoring in light airs, the wind started to fill in from the ENE allowing us to sail on a very broad reach with just the Genny. During the night the wind shifted to the N then back to ENE then settled in the NW - requiring several gybes. Wind strength varied between force 2 to 5 enabling us to sail most of the 95 mile trip. At times we were sailing close hauled at 35 degrees to the apparent wind making up to 6 knots in 18 knots wind just on the Genny - an interesting discovery - have never really tried to sail close hauled just using the genny before.

It was still dark as we approached the well lit Las Palmas
Partly furled the Genny to slow down so as to arrive in the light - always our preferred option where possible.

After refueling and checking in, we moored on same pontoon (L) as we were on in early October.

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