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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gran Canaria Plaster Cast and Pin Removal 16 February 2011

Almost 7 weeks since the ice skating accident in Brighton and 6 weeks and 2 days since the bone setting operation in Las Palmas, the day finally arrived for plaster cast removal at the Clinica San Roque.

The X-rays happily confirmed that all was well and that the bone seems to have miraculously healed itself - very, very welcome news

and a very friendly nurse carefully cut away the bandages and removed the cast.

Exposing the two stainless steel pins that had been inserted to keep the fractured end of the radius in the right place.
Despite the pins having protruded through the skin for over six weeks behind the plaster, there is amazingly no sign of infection.
Dr Silva Rossi, the surgeon who carried out the operation then effortlessly pulled out the pins - I hardly noticed any discomfort during this process - a very pleasant surprise.

Please click on arrow at bottom left to start video clip:-

The wrist is, not surprisingly, very stiff with very limited possible movement. Plan is to have daily physiotherapy for the next month after which hopefully full movement will be restored and we can think of doing some sailing again. In the meantime it is great to be able to use both hands again and do simple things like cutting up one's food and buttoning one's left sleeve - not to mention the washing-up - much to Jeannette's relief, having had to do so many things single handedly without complaining for the last seven weeks.

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gerschok said...

Gefeliciteerd en heel wat beter dan de pols van onze buurvrouw die toch niet helemaal recht staat en een knobbel vertoont .En nu maar oefenen!!
Prima die Spaanse chirurgen!
Vr gr LNG