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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hike10.05 20123 Cruz de Tejeda to Culata Sunflower Hike 08

Caught the 0930hrs Nr303 bus from the Telmo Bus Station to San Mateo where we changed to the 1030hrs Nr 305 bus direction Tejeda
Arrived at a sunny Cruz de Tejeda around 1100 hrs and decided to start the day with a celebratory 11'venses at the Parador Cafe. This cafe overhangs the rim of the Tejeda Caldera and, with it's floor to ceiling windows, gives a superb panoramic view over the caldera.
 Same shot but with different exposure so that one can see the view
 ... zooming in one could clearly see the 3718 meter high peak of  Mt Teide  60 miles away on the neighbouring island of Tenerife
 We enjoyed siting in this cafe with such a superb view so much that we decided to stay for lunch - filling the time reading our Kindles and enjoying the view
 After lunch, no more excuses, we left the Parador, crossed the road, and set out on our hike to Culata - Hike Nr 8 in the Sunflower Walking Guide - below is a copy of a map from the Sunflower Guide showing he trail
 Checking the route

 It seems have not set the exposure correctly on the camera - the caldera looks hazier than it was - in fact it was a superb sunny day. 
View to the west of the caldera with Roque Bentaiga and Mt Teide clearly visible
 Roque Nublo to the right

 As the total hike to Culata would, according to the Sunflower Guide only require a total of 1 hour 35 minutes, and we at this point had 3 hours before the bus was due, we decided to relax in the shade of some pine trees and read our Kindles with a wonderful view in front of us.

Time to move on

 At this point, we unexpectedly came across a marked track to the right down to Tejeda - not marked in our Guidebook We kept left for Culata.
Time for another break - at a point mentioned in the guidebook as a spring - a pleasant shady picnic spot 
 see map below for location of this spot
Roque Bentaiga,  Montana Vista and Mt Teide more or less in line

 Looking back towards Cruz de Tejeda
 Roque Nublo once more
Approaching the village of Culata

 Culata is dominated by Roque Nublo

 At 1645 arrived at the Bus Nr 305 bus stop  close to the appropriately named Bar Roque Nublo in Culata - the end of a very pleasant scenic relaxed hike - our first proper hike in 2013.
 Photo of the bus timetable at the bus stop in Culata
 The 1712hrs 305 arrived more or less on time to take us to San Mateo where we caught the 1830 hrs Nr 303 bus back to Las Palmas
 The below timetable would indicate that one could arrive in Culata at 0840hrs - could be useful if one wanted to make a long hike from here
 Below are the timetables which we got from the Telmo bus station for the 303 and 305 buses


Anonymous said...

We hebben weer genoeten van jullie verslag en de mooie fotos'. Nu maar hopen dat alles goed gegaan is met deze wandeling? Grtjs L&G

Janice & bob said...

Nice to read of your hike in May but wondered where you are now and how you are doing. Hopefully you are both well and enjoying where you are. We are in LaCoruna, Spain waiting for weather to cross the Bay of Biscay. The weather has slowed us down so will not get to the Baltic this year - we hope to do the StandeMaste Canal this season. We are here with a few other Dutch boats - they are waiting to head north as well. Best wishes to you both! Janice & Bob sv Tsamaya