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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hike Madeira, Levada Walk from Sitio das Quatro Estradas to Camacha

Caught the Nr 77 bus close to the Funchal cable car at 1030 hrs Sunday 12 June 2016.
At 1120 hrs got off at the cross roads at Quatro Estradas, the start of our walk along the Levada dos Tornos to Camacha, Rothers Walking Guide walk nr 15 ( in reverse).
Our ViewRanger app on the Ipad once more proved to be very handy to verify where we were whenever we were not sure.
The first part of the walk was steeply down a road until we reached this crossroads of paths
The path continued steeply down some cobbled steps until it crossed the Levada dos Tornos which we reached at 1210 hrs


Along the Levada, there were many wild Maracuja vines (Passion Fruit)
From time to time we had super views of the sea and sometimes Les Ilses Desertas were clearly in view

Stop for a break in the shade
In many places we were treated to superb floral displays
The Agapanthas, both blue and white were often present. From time to time we passed terraced fields
There were many vertiguous parts as the levada had to be carved out of the steep cliffs
Another shady break
There were several tunnels on the way
Occassionaly there was a safety rail, but mostly one was left to use ones own sense of balance
Fallen tree
Another tunnel
Looking back 
Yet another tunnel



In some places, it had only been necessary to carve "half " tunnels out of the cliff
The Levada on the other side of the ravine
A large tree had fallen recently and blocked our trail




Levada bridge
Our last tunnel

Time to leave our Levada
Red circle shows where we left the Levada
Only 125 m elevation of steps to go to reach our destination, Camacho !
At 1700 hrs arrive at Camacho in good time for the 1745 hrs nr 129 bus back to Funchal
This was a superb Levada walk. The Levada dos Tornos is one the the most important water channels on Madeira having a total length of around 100 kms. 
The ViewRanger map below shows our route

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