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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Hike São Jorge, Serra do Topo to Caldeira de Santo Cristo and Faja dos Cubres

0900 hrs Wed 29 June 2016, taxi picked us up at Velas Marina and took us eastwards to the Serra Topo (700 m ), arriving there at 0935 hrs. The weather was not terribly inviting as we and our friends prepared for the 10 km hike down to  Faja dos Cubres (at sea level)!
The information board at the start of the hike


Entering the low cloud - our elevation 700 m above sea level
Unfortunately, visibilty in the cloud and drizzle was very poor so we missed out on probably superb views

Natural shelter
Almost below the cloud
Many Hydrangers en route
Who's going to give way?
Luckily, they did!
One of the many rustic gates
One of the many waterfalls
A much larger one
Our first objective, Faja da Caldeira de Santo Cristo comes into view with its large sea lake
Awesome coastline


Jeannette feels at home - a dijk!

 Faja da Caldeira de Santo Cristo

Our lunch restuarant
Which was amazingly crowded considering there is no car access, only quadbike 

Our final destination, Faja dos Cubres
Arrived at 1550 hrs at Faja dos Cubres and called for our taxi to take us back to Velas Marina after a thoroughly enjoyable hike
On the way back, the island of Graciosa was clearly visible form the taxi


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