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Friday, June 16, 2017

2017 Hike PRC20SMI Rocha do Relva

16 June 2017, Mike took a taxi from Ponta Delgada Marina to Mirador do Caminho Novo (€8 ), then hiked the PRC20SMI route to Rocha do Cascalho then Rocha do Relva.

There was a person sitting at the Miradouro employed by the whale watching boat companies whose job was to direct their boats to the areas where whales could be seen. She was equiped with powerful binocculars and a VHF radio.

Looking back at the town of Relva

Looking from the Miradoura towards the start of the PRC 20 SMI Hike

The route - Viewranger map
Looking along the beautiful coast towards Rocha da Relva

The split in the trail - turned left here to visit the Rocha do Cascalho

There was even a public toilet behind the picnic area - Rocha do Cascalho

Back on the trail towards Rocha da Relva

Rocha da Relva comes into view

Local transport

The first cottages of Rocha da Relva

Small vineyards

Transport resting

Returning via the same route

Phoned the taxi to collect me from the Miradoura do Cominho Novo - a very enjoyable hike.

Rocha da Relva from the sea - photo taken 18/7/2017 as we approached Ponta Delgada on our return from Horta.

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