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Thursday, June 8, 2017

2017 Hike Santa Maria PR 05 SMA Trilho da Costa Sul

At 11.15 hrs 8/6/17 Mike exited  Vila do Porto marina by its NE corner to join the Trilho da Costa Sul hike PR 05 SMA

Leaving the marina area

Crossing the small stream on the other side of the beach

Eventually joined the official trail, with views of Vila do Porto on the other side of the valley

View of Vila do Porto marina

The trail follows the walkway built at the site of the Pedreira Campo Figueral Prainha National monument 

This is an ancient quarry where building materials - Limestones and sandstones used to be extracted. Sedimentary rocks are rarely found in these volcanic islands. The rocks have abundant fossils

Shortly after the quarry, the trail enters some woods and goes past some old man-3made caves which were used to extract limestone

There are stunning coastal views along much of the trail

The coastal town of Praia comes into view - 1 1/2 hours from the marina. Here, I decided to retrace my steps and return to the marina.

On 12/6/17 I repeated the hike with Theo & Michelle from S/V Faja Lobi, but this time continued down to Praia and took a taxi back to Vila do Porto. This time we started the hike at 1200 hrs .

After steep undulating descents , the trail reaches the beach

The trail can be a bit tricky to follow at high water - low water would be advisable

Trying to avoid a drenching from breaking waves - makes for an amusing route if one is nimble enough and doesn't mind getting wet

Finally arrived in Praia at 1600 hrs (after 4 hrs) and called a taxi from a cafe there - €10 back to Vila do Porto. 

See blog of 28/6/2012 for the first time that we walked this trail.

Descriptions of this, and other trails in the Azores , can be found with the below link

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