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Friday, May 20, 2011

Anchoring SE coast La Gomera 14 to 18 May 2011

Spent from the 14th to 18th May very pleasantly anchored in various delightful coves on the SE coast of La Gomera. All of them had very good holding in hard sand with no rocks or bolders. We had some delightful snorkels around the rocky reefs and saw many mostly small but some colourful fish - very relaxing. Took the opportunity to scrape the bottom of the boat and the propellor and clean the anodes.

The first anchorage was Playa Suarez

On the 16th May we motored a few miles to anchor off Playa de Santiago so as to pick up wifi signals to download weather Grib Files to check how stable the weather was likely to be.

The weather forecast was good for another couple of days so we motored to the neighbouring deserted Playa Chinguarime where we anchored for the next two days.
At least we thought it was deserted until heard someone shouting on the shore
We then studied the beach and rocks through the binoculars

only to find that we had company. Several of the caves around the base of the cliffs were occupied by people including families with children.
They seemed to be a hippy type of community.

Motored again to Playa de Santiago on 18 May and, as the wind was expected to strengthen in the coming days, decided to return to the marina in San Sebastian for a few days.

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