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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Hike São Jorge Ponta dos Rosais

The weather was sunny and pleasant in Velas, so we decided to make the planned hike from Rosais to The Ponta dos Rosais Lighthouse.
Caught the bus at 0940 hrs Friday 1st June 2016 outside the main supermarket in Velas to go to Rosais at the western end of São Jorge

Unfortunately, by 1000 hrs when we got off the bus at its end stop in Rosais, the clouds had descended and we were engulfed in cloudy mist and drizzle
So raingear on and we set off on the trail
The route

Pleasant but damp and very little visibility. Luckily we had our iPad with us with the Navmii Portgal app which showed us our position at all times. Without this we would have had problems finding the right route as there were no trail signs and we could not see further than 50 meters or so


Wonderful hydrangeas enriched our route
After a while, the cloud started to thin
and our objective, the Ponta dos Rosais Lighthouse came into view in the distance
Yellow flowers like Foxgloves
Getting closer
According to Wikipedia, the Lighthouse complex was completed and inaugurated in 1964. 
Shortly after the lighthouse was completed, it was abandoned during the 1964 Rosais Earthquake, when seismic events and an underwater eruption hit the Ponta dos Rosais, causing damage to many homes and buildings in the parish of Rosais. The earthquake caused enough panic to warrant the evacuation of its residents to the neighbouring island of Terceira, which included the temporary evacuation of the lighthouse families. Over time these fears were mitigated and life resumed at the complex.

Then, on 1 January 1980, a series of seismic events, in the order of 7 on the Richter magnitude scale caused destruction to homes on Terceira, Graciosa, Faial and São Jorgeislands. These events caused significant damage to the structure of the lighthouse and buildings, necessitating a complete abandonment of the complex.
The lighthouse was automated and reopened on 5 July 1982.

Followed the path to the left  in the lighthouse complex to a low wall on top of the sheer cliff
Super view of the rocks and sea 200 metes below
Excellent place for our picnic lunch

Jeannette's quiche was excellent
Followed the more northerly trail back to Rosais
Unfortunately the cloud descended again and we were back in mist and drizzle
On the return we passed through the Sete de Fontes park

The mist and drizzle turned the park with its magnificent Red Cedars, Tree ferns, Palms and moss covered rocksinto a veritable Enchanted Forest
Picnic lunch in the "Enchanted Forest"





1415 hrs arrive at the road in Rosais which is on the bus route to Velas

1457 hrs bus to Velas arrives
The route


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