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Monday, December 19, 2016

2016 Hike Gran Canaria Bandama - Pico & Caldera

Tuesday 15/11/16 cycled to Telmo Bus Station and caught the 0955hrs nr311 bus to Bandama, arriving there at 0925 hrs.
We then hiked the Sunflower Walk nr 14 in reverse,  going anticlockwise around the crater rim. The below Viewranger app map shows our track
starting by walking past the Golf Course
The walk ended at the Bandama Pico
 where we had tea and coffee at the Cafe Caldera with super views over the Caldera.
Took the 1357 hrs nr 311 bus back to Telmo, but got off a few stops earlier in order to have a late lunch at Manso's, our favourite restuarant in Triana.

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