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Monday, December 19, 2016

2016 Hike Lanzarote Caldera Blanca Rother's nr 19

Tuesday 6/12/16 drove with our Orlando rental car via Mancha Blanca down a rough track to the carpark at the start of our hike to and clockwise around the rim of the Caldera Blanca - Rother's Walking Guide nr19.
Our track is recorded in the below Viewranger map 
We started walking at 1105hrs. The first part of the route was over a very rough track through the lava flows - quite uncomfortble on the feet.
Our first view into the crater after the steep climb to its rim
Our position when we took the above photo is shown by the red circle on the below Viewranger map

Since arriving on the island, we have been surprised at how green parts of the island are - we remember Lanzarote as being a very brown barren island.

The highest point of the rim - Montana Blanca, around 461 meters
Below one can see how the lava flowed around volcanoes from previous eruptions
After scrambling up a steep section of the rim, we were met by these mountain goats.
The official walking route descends before reaching this part of the ridge. We decided we preferred to complete the circumnavigation of the rim
The below Viewranger map shows our position where the above photo was taken. The stippled track to the left is the official route

The track on the rim of the caldera is a bit like a knife edge here - probably why the official route avoids it by descending and contouring around the outer base of the caldera - however, it is the most exciting part of the route!
View across the Caldera to Montana Blanca
After dscending from the rim, our track rejoined the track we had used initially to take us back through the lava flows to the car. 1555hrs we were back at the carpark - a very enjoyable hike.

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