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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Motor Miami River to Miami Beach 15 Feb 2010

The crankshaft pulley arrived from Annapolis as planned (thanks to Dick Vosbury and Lee who took it through the snow to UPS) and the Engine is once more in working order. Left the Marina at 15.30 just in front of a cargo ship being towed backwards to the sea - one tug ahead , one tug behind. The advantage of this for us was that all the bridges open like clockwork without us having to call up. We are now anchored in same place as before close to Miami Beach and Belle Isle. Jeannette immediately dinghied in to Publix supermarket to stock up while Mike converted the workboat back to a sailing boat. Plan is to raise anchor at 0300 hrs Tuesday morning for the 50 mile trip across the Gulf Stream to Bimini in the Bahamas - hopefully we should be there by early afternoon if all goes well.

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