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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Miami Beach 6 February 2010

5th Feb had another stroll along Ocean Drive - the hype for the coming Sunday's Super Bowl is increasing - all sorts of tents along the beach with several pop concerts and the media is out in force giving live interviews and chat shows for all to see.

6 February the wind picked up to 25 kts from the W /WWN as a front moved over keeping us on the boat to keep watch as we swung towards the shore. Up North several states were having a tough time with big snowfalls in Washington DC causing transport mayhem including flight cancellations.

Spent the day using newly constructed press to rebuild generator water pump - first time Mike has been able to replace the mechanical water seal without damaging it.

1 comment:

gerschok said...

Zoals ze in Utrecht zeggen "goed gedaan jochie" mooie constuctie voor de rep. of je waterpomp.
Hier stort het van de regen , me bakken komt het uit de hemel dus ook wij blijven binnen Grtjs L&G