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Friday, February 12, 2010

Miami River 11 Feb 2010

Unfortunately, we are back up the Miami River at another boat yard, this time Austral International, next to MYEW with our engine in bits. On checking the engine a couple of days ago found the V belt slacker than normal and some play in the coolant pump pulley .
Decided that, as we have had a slight coolant leak for some time that it would be prudent to change the coolant pump ( and the timing belt as this has to be removed anyway to get to the pump). Mechanic was on board today - unfortunately, he damaged the crankshaft pulley when trying to remove it - last info on delivery time for new pulley is 7 to 10 days. We will try to improve on this but it looks like we have missed the good looking weather window for the passage to the Bahamas that is forecast for early next week.

As our visa expires in a couple of days time, we have applied for an extension via an organisation called Immigration Express which was advised to us by the Miami Customs and Border protection Agency in Miami Port. Cost of the service - Four hundred dollars.

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