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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Puerto Castillo to San Miguel, Tenerife, 20 to 23 October 2010

Having dropped Mike's sister off at the airport 20/10, we left the Puerto Castillo marina and had a gentle sail down to Gran Tarajal where we anchored for the night just east of the harbour (28deg 12.5 N 014deg 01.1W in 6.5 meters sand - good holding) .

Approaching Gran Tarajal:

Dutch Link anchored off outside the swimming area marked by yellow buoys:
The marina Gran Tarajal :
21/10 sailed down to Morro Jable and anchored for the night off the beach east of the marina (28deg 02.8N 014deg 21.1 W in 6.5 meters water - good holding in sand)

Dinghied into the beach and found an internet cafe with Dutch Link in the background
Sunset at Morro Jable
Marina Morro Jable:
As the weather forecast looked good, decided to sail directly to El Hierro, a 200 mile leg. So at 1130 22/10 raised the anchor and left Morro Jable heading WSW.

Sailing ino the sunset:
with the moon up before the sunset:
Night sailing at its best - full moon and clear skies - enough light to see around the boat and see the horizon - perfect

As the wind was forecast to be light, we expected to be at sea for 2 nights. However, we received a weather forecast via Satcom C indicating possible near gale winds in the Canaries so decided to stop in Tenerife - by 1750hrs 23/10 moored in the well laid out, not overly full Marina of San Miguel (28deg 01 N 016deg 36W) at the Southern tip of Tenerife - very close to the southern international airport of Tenerife - very good marina for crew changes.

Downloaded the grib files and find that the strong winds are mainly in the far east of the Canaries so plan to leave here at 0500hrs for the 70 nmile broadreach to El Hierro in the forecast 20 knot NE-erly tomorrow (24/10) - we shall see!

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