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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fuerteventura Puerto Castilo and trip around middle of Fuerteventura, 16 to 20 October 2010

Spent several days in Puerto Castillo, snorkelling every day from the stern of the boat to the rocky harbour mole where we saw many fish of different sizes.

Rented a car to explore the central part of the island of Fuerteventure, stopping first at the old capital, Antigua which was first settled in 1485. Below is the 18h century church of Nuestra Senora de Antigua.
Then on to the picturesque town of Betancuria nestled between the volcanic peaks, founded in 1404.

Stopped for lunch at the old fishing port of Anju on the west coast for lunch. Had a stroll along the heavily eroded coast with its many shallow caves.

Stopped at an Aloe Vera processing factory.
There are around 250 different species of Aloe Vera of which only a few are suitable for the body lotions. The species used here are best for harvesting when they turn pinkish.
One of the staff kindly showed us which part of the plant is used for the lotions - namely the transparent coulourless inside of the 'leaves'.

Stopped at an viewing point along the road and were fortunate to see Chipmunks - the last time we had seen them was on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia.
Most of the time we were driving through desert-like landscapes with the road twisting its way between the volcanic peaks.
The furthest south we reached was the area of sandy beaches called Costa Calma - very long golden sand beaches with sand dunes behind them - the whole coastline covered by huge resort hotels.
Normally there is a lot of wind here as can be evidenced by the large wind generator park and wind surfing championships are held in this area. However, when we were there there was hardly any wind.
Although at first sight everything looks barren, there is some agriculture - raising herds of goats
and in several areas we saw fields covered with a type of canvas where tomatoes and other crops are grown
Close to the marina of El Castillo there is an old sea salt producing area

Stopped at Pozo Negro - a possible anchorage in calm conditions

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