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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hike La Gomera from Valle Gran Rey to Las Hayas 9 June 2011

Dinghied ashore to the Vueltas harbour (have been anchored here for over 2 weeks) at 0930 hrs on Thursday 9 June and walked into the Valle Gran Rey valley. We were at the Ermita de los Reyes by 10.30 hrs, hiking the same trail as walk 18 to Chipude.
A few minutes past the Ermita, the trail then split, ours continuing up the barranco to La Vizcaina as Rother Walking Guide route 19 , the Chipude trail turning right.
The path was well maintained as it connected several houses amongst the terraced fields.
All the way either rough cobbles or stone steps
Another well sign posted split

past a house partly in a cave
another split

view down the Valle Gran Rey valley
close-up of the many terraces

At Lobo del Balo, the highest village in Valle Gran Rey at the head of the valley, we found the start of the most exciting part of the trail - route 23 - not very professionally signposted
After 50 meters scrambling over reed covered boulders in the dry stream bed, the overgrown cobbled trail climbed steeply straight up
giving ever better views of the valley below and into the gorge we were about to enter

The trail consisted of narrow exposed natural ledges interconnected by steep rocky sections

A brief stop to consult the guide book

A typical steep rocky section connecting two ledges

Finally reached the top of the Barranco where we saw a small house perched in a commanding spot
A superb place for lunch with glorious views down the Valle Gran Rey valley - unfortunately this proved to be the end of the exciting part of the hike.
The trail then became somewhat indistinct and boring, as we worked over way over the plains to the village of Las Hayes situated at 1000 meters above sea level.
We then joined route 20 to the Creces picnic spot. This was a pleasant walk through the ancient Laurelsilva forest of the Garajonay National Park
We arrived at the main road one km past Creces just in time (15.26hrs) to catch the line 1 bus back to the boat .

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