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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Calheta Madeira

Calheta is situated on the south west coast of Madeira - reputedly the region with the most sun.
Very little evidence remains of the original old fishing village - it is now very much a small holiday development behind a man made marina and adjacent protected swimming area.
The photo below of the swimming area and marina of Calheta is a screen print from this webcam link

 Dutch Link at the end of Pontoon 3
 The restaurants, supermarket, shops and hotel/appartments are squeezed in on the narrow strip of land between the marina/ swimming area and the almost vertical crumbling cliffs

  In order to reduce the risk of rock falls, work is being carried out fixing a chicken wire screen to the cliff face with the aid of this crane
 Zooming-in on the chicken wire
 A view towards the marina with the swimming area in the foreground - we have already enjoyed several swims here protected from the ocean rollers
Treated ourselves to Sunday Lunch
 Sunset over the Atlantic from Calheta

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