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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hike Sao Miguel PRC31SMI - Trilho Pedestre da Lomba da Fazenda 14 October 2011

 Caught the 0645hrs bus from Ponta Delgada to Nordeste, a town , as the name suggests, situated at the north east of the island.

 The plan was to do the Lomba da Fazenda hike PRC31SMI just to the north of Nordeste, then visit the town.

Got off the bus here at 0915
   and walked northwards down the road to join the hiking trial

The trail followed the access road steeply down the hillside to the Ponta da Lomba da Cruz swiming pool at the mouth of the river.

 then climbed the opposite side in steep zigzags

 eventually opening out into fields
 with views of the hills to the south west
 This cow caught our eye as it knelt on its forelegs to reach the rich grass under the electric wire
 The path came close to the coast
 where J had a rest on the wall of a lookout on the cliff top
 This was the start of a park of indigenous flora. Behind the tiled plaque is some tree heather (Erica Azorica)

 Myrica Faya
 Picconia Azorica
 and a grass called Festuca Jubata

 The trail eventually returned to the river which we had initially crossed some 500 meters or so downstream of here

 On the way we saw a few (non-indigenous) Agapanthus flowers
 and Amaryllis Belladonna (non-indigenous)
 We then walked to the old town of Nordeste where we crossed the old seven arched bridge.
 The town centre is dominated by the typical black and white church
 After lunch at a restuarant, we walked further south along the clifftop coast road to Ponta do Arnel
 where the first lighthouse to be built in the Azores (1876) is to be found perched low down on a rocky spur
 zooming in
 The road to the lighthouse and tiny fishing port is signposted somewhat misleadingly - the 50 meters refers to its height above sea level - the road down to it drops about 250 meters at a slope of 25%

 Below the lighthouse is the fishing port

 these fishing boats seem to be propelled by only a single pair of crude oars

 A Canary like bird honoured us by its presence
 On the walk back to catch the 1615 bus back to Ponta Delagada we got caught in the heavy rain squall
Arrived back in Ponta Delgada at 1900hrs after having had a very pleasant day.


Martin Henda said...

Your blog just gets better and better! I am taking notes and plagiarising your style.
We miss you guys. Lots of love from Mari and Hanlie.

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