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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hike Sao Miguel PRC33SMI from Joao Bom 5 October 2011

Yesterday was a public holiday in Portugal and the Azores celebrating Republic Day. Between 4–5 October 1910, there was a coup d'état against the already weak constitutional monarchy. The young King Manuel II and his family escaped for exile to England. On the morning of 5 October 1910, the Republic was declared from the balcony of Lisbon City Hall, ending several centuries of monarchy in Portugal.

So we joined Ana & Joao from S/V Danny Boy, Luisa and friend Anna for hike PRC33SMI on the north west coast of Sao Miguel. The hike started in the village of Joao Bom.

Ana and Jeannette beautify themselves with Fushia earings
Joao introduces us to this wild edible berry - the Groselha or Red Currant
The route took us to the top of cliffs with magnificent views of the rugged coastline
A narrow path skirts the steep cliff face
which we negociate with caution

to a water collection facility

The remains of a Ginger Lily - most of the flowers have died. Jaoa showed us how to suck the sweet nectar from a flower stalk
Another glimpse of the coast
Clinbing up through the Laurasilva forest
Luisa pauses for a rest

In the evening, we have supper on Dutch Link - Alice brought us a bunch of the beautiful Bella Donnas (a type of Amaryllis) from their garden. These flowers bloom at this time of the year and can be seen growing wild all over the island. As their flowering usually coincides with return to school after the summer holidays, they are also called "Meninas para a escola" literally translated as "Girls back to school".

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