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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tourada a Corda Boa Hora, Sao Jorge

Terceira is the island where playing with bulls - the Tourada a Corda - was invented and is the island where it is mainly practised. However, it has also become popular on Sao Jorge and we decided to spend an afternoon watching the spectacle in the village of Faja de Sto Amaro situated  just before the Sao Jorge airport.
Caught the 1530 bus from Velas to Urzelina.

 As we were too early for the event, we decided to stay on the bus and walk the few kilometers back from Uzelina - luckily we had our waterproofs with us as part of the walk was in the rain. 
The photo below shows the airport runway which we walked past.
 The church of Nossa Senhora de Boa Hora which provided a grandstand view of the Tourada. 
The event was indeed part of the festa in honour of Nossa Senhora de Boa Hora

 The 4 bulls arrive in their crates on the back of a truck and are offloaded ready for the event

 The local band adds a festive note
 Please click on below arrow to play video clip - 

Note - unfortunately as the IPAD does not have Flash Player, this clip will not play on an IPAD

 Waiting for the firework rocket to signify the release of a bull
 The bull controllers handling the rope which is attached to the bull

 Threading the rope back into the crate so that the bull can be encouraged to reenter its crate
All in all a very similar event to what we have witnessed several times on Terceira

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mgjb said...

Mike, how come there is no picture of you running the bulls? They only are baby bulls. You would have impressed all your family and friends. It would have livened up our day....