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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

2016 Hike Gran Canaria CV Firgas

0830 1st October 2016 joined the Las Palmas Club Varadero hike up the Barranco Azuaje near Firgas. 
The coach left the club at 0850 hrs and drove us to Arucas for breakfast.
After which it took us to Firgas, arriving at the start of the street with the famous cascades at 1015 hrs

The hike would take us up this street and then steeply down into the Barranco Azuaje
The map is from the ViewRanger App



Looking down into the Barranco Azuaje


Looking down at the ruins of the old Balneario de Aguajes Spa Hotel


The trail then went along the barranco floor through the jungle following the stream

One of several stream crossings





A bit of rock climbing
Temporary repairs!
The trail brought us steeply back up the side of the Barranco to this Levada which we followed to the cascade street at the bottom of which was our restuarant where we had lunch
Casa Conchi

After an excellent filling lunch, our coach picked us up at 1640 hrs and drove us back to the marina - a very pleasant sociable hike


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