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Saturday, October 29, 2016

2016 Hike Gran Canaria, Teror to Firgas

0745hrs Sunday 23 October left marina and walked with Christer, Siv, Per, Bitte & Elizabeth to the Telmo Bus Station. 
Beautiful sunrise
Caught the 0830 nr 229 (slow)  bus arriving in Teror at 0920 hrs
The hike we had planned to do would take us through the Finca de Osorio and via the La Laguna picnic area to Firgas
( Below map is from the ViewRanger App - very handy app as one's GPS position is always being displayed on the offline map and plots one's track as one walks).
However, we found the main entrance gates to the Finca de Osorio closed.

We met a kind lady Julia who was walking her dog who was also surprised but showed us an alternative entrance to the Finca
This route had good views towards the north coast, but on arriving at the 2nd entrance we were stopped from entering by a warden who told us that the Finca was closed to the public on Sundays.
So our very friendly guide walked back with us and showed us another route which climbed steeply up the hill behind the Finca. Close to the top we said goobdye 
And not long afterwards, we stopped for a picnic lunch

We were now on our originally planned route which took us past the popular La Laguna picnic area

Views of the North Coast
At this point we were following a signposted route which was not marked on the ViewRanger map
Which way?


Shortly after this sign, the route came to a dead end!
So we retraced our steps

and with the aid of the ViewRanger app, found our way to Firgas (arrived around 1430 hrs) where we had a welcome beer whilst waiting for the bus.
Caught the 1500 hrs nr 211 bus to Arucas then the 1540hrs nr 210 bus to Las Palmas, getting out at El Corte Ingles


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