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Saturday, October 15, 2016

2016,Hike Gran Canaria San Mateo to Tenteniguada

0715hrs Thursday 13 October 2016, left Las Palmas Marina with Christer, Pia, Ulf, Cynthia, Bitte and Per and walked to the San Telmo Bus station where we caught the 0800 hrs 303 bus to San Mateo, arriving there at around 0900 hrs. 
The centre of the red circle on the below map from the ViewRanger App is where the bus dropped us off. The red line with arrows is our planned route, and the black line with arrows is our track ( on the bus to this point!).
After coffee at the El Mercado restaurante
We started our uphill hike
The weather looked a bit ominous and we had a few spots of rain, but soon cleared up. amazingly the clouds stayed on the otherside ( to the West) of the spur we were climbing up.


Wonderful blue skies

The red circle is where we were when this photo was taken
Up, up, up!
Through the pine forest
A welcome break for lunch

The red circle marks our lunch spot
After lunch, the track joined joined this dirt road (white road on map) for a while, still climbing steeply

This is the highest point on the route (around 1420 m) which we reached just after 1200 hrs. If one looks closely at the tree one can see a sign board pointing to Rincon, our next destination. 
Some of us missed this sign and continued climbing up the "white" road till we were called back. 

Our correct route turns left here and started our long steep descent to El Rincon via a narrow track
On the way we passed the remains of an unfortunate goat - who presumeably had died caught in the thicket


Wonderful scenery
Our trail now went steeply down over a slippery bed of pine needles - hiking sticks invaluable to help keep one's balance
Looking down towards Tenteniguada

In spring, the Blue Tajinastes must give a beautiful floral display on this route - only the dried flower heads left now
Per & Bitte found a stunning spot for a rest
Pia thought it was a good place for some yoga
The maintainers of the hiking trails have provided a long rope handhold to help one down this particularly steep section which is covered with the treacherous pine needles

Difficult to avoid the nasty hairs from the prickly pears

Super views
Looking back up to the rock we stopped at on the way down
At 1440 hrs arrive at the bus stop in Tenteniguada and decide to take the 1600 hrs nr 13 bus to Telde instead of the 1504 hrs bus
This would give us time for a welcome beer and Tapas at the very friendly Las Canas Grill

The complete hike

The 1600 hrs nr 13 bus got us to the Telde bus station by 1643, just in time to catch the 1650 hrs  nr 80 express bus to Las Palmas, dropping some of us off at the Avinida de Juan XXIII bus stop close to the Marina.

Distance walked 8.93 km in 5 hrs 39 mins
Height gain 761 m,  Height loss 796 m
Max altitude reached 1446 m

Another extremely enjoyable hike.

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