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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sail Madeira from Calhete to Funchal 31 October 2011

Towards the end of the Rabacal hike we decided that actually we would like to go to the Chestnut Festival in Curral das Freiras close to Funchal the next day. So we returned to Calhete as quickly as possible, checked out of the marina, cast off the lines at 15.15hrs and motored the 16 miles or so to Funchal.
Another consideration was the forecast arrival of the southern side of a big depression on Wednesday - we consider Funchal to be better protected from surge than Calhete Marina.
Looking back towards Calhete
Arco da Calhete just to the east of Calheta
Further east. Banana plantations on every strip of less than vertical cliff

Ponta do Sol
Coast between Ponta do Sol and Cabo Girão
Lift vertically down the almost vertical cliff from Quinta Grande on the clifftop to a narrow strip of fertile land on what seems to be the result of an old landslide, Fajã dos Padres, 350 meters below

Fajã dos Padres has  50 inhabitants and has an exclusive holiday resort with hotel and restaurant offering fishing and all sorts of other leisure activities. You can only reach it by boat, helicopter  or by this private lift.
A steep ravine on the east side of Fajã dos Padres.
Just to the left of this, outside the picture, is Cabo Girão, which, with an altitude of 540 metres, is the second highest cliff in the world (highest is in Norway)
Approaching Funchal
Can just see Ilhas Desertas behind the Cruise Ship

Arrived Funchal Marina at 1800hrs and are now berthed in the marina

Below is from the continous Funchal webcam at :-

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