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Friday, November 4, 2011

Planning to leave Funchal, Madeira Saturday 5 November 2011

Next leg of our trip is to sail from Funchal to Agadir in Morocco, a 400 nautical mile +/- 3 day trip if all goes well .

The first part of the trip will be more or less due East for 17 nMiles in order to pass to the north of the Ihlas Desertas 

Thereafter the course is EastSouthEast.

The Grib files indicated that tomorrow 5 November is a good time to start the trip. The wind is forecast to be a force 3 to 4 from the north - if this materialises then we should be broad to beam reaching. may need to motor the last part of the trip if the wind becomes as light as forecast - we shall see.

Grib file forecast for Saturday 5 Nov at 0900hrs

Grib file forecast for Sunday 6 Nov at 0900hrs

Grib file forecast for Monday 7 Nov at 0900hrs

 Grib file forecast for Tuesday 8 Nov at 0900hrs

Grib file forecast for Tuesday 8 Nov at 1800hrs

If all goes well we hope to arrive in Agadir on the morning of Tuesday 8 November

Chart of Agadir Harbour

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