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Sunday, March 25, 2012


Having been thinking about it for a while, finally bit the bullet and Friday 23 March treated ourselves to a Moulinex Breadmaker - one of the smallest lowest powered machines we could find
Tried out the simplest white bread recipe but with delay timer function set so that would have fresh bread by 0730 hrs Saturday morning.
Wokenup around 0330hrs by strange whirring noise - and indeed kneeding had started.
By 0745hrs the process was complete
 and much to our surprise, we had a delicious freshly baked loaf for breakfast
is this beginner's luck?

1 comment:

mgjb said...

Hello Mike
This is definitely not beginners luck, this is the use of good technology created by engineers and not MBAs!!!
Now start experimenting with other flours but make sure you RTFM!
Take care