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Monday, March 26, 2012

Hike Gran Canaria 25 March 2012 Mirador Los Pinos de Galdar to Teror

Caught the 08.15 nr 220 bus from Telmo bus station to the Mirador de los Pinos be Galdar for the start of the 13 km Sunflower Walking Guide hike nr 9 to Teror.  The Hike is marked by the yellow line on the below map.
From the Mirador, one has a superb view towards the north coast
The first 20 minutes was the same steep slippery  gravel track as for the hike we made to Guia on the 4th March - it was no easier second time round. Unfortunately I must have accidently reset the camera settings so that many of the photos are overexposed.

After 20 minutes the trail to Teror turns off to the right, Guia is straight on
After a while we left the pine forest and later we entered a Eucalyptus wood.
Many wild flowers adorned the trail
Entered the village of Fontanales

The trail followed the crest of a ridge between fields, some of which had flocks of sheep

In the hamlet of Tablero, we were confused by a walking sign indicating that we should make a right turn to go to Teror. After following this for 10 minutes or so, realised that the route did not check with the description so turned back. After a while this road sign confirmed we were now on the correct route - the problem occured because the routes in our guide book do not necessarily follow any marked route - a lesson for the future. 
Passed this Belem - this is a stall where somebody makes an often very elaborate nativity scene just before Xmas - the making of Belems seems to be a tradition on Gran Canaria - we visited one in December last year.
continuing along the ridge
Halfway point - the route makes a sharp right turn and heads towards Teror
This should have been a beautiful photo had it not been for the over exposure of the camera ....
Descending into the beautiful Barranco de la Virgen - the most picturesque part of the hike

 At the floor of the Barranco we join the PR GC06 hiking route
from here we start the steep climb to the top of the ridge 500 meters above us 
 On the way up we pass this water channel which used to supply a mill built at the end of the 19th century used for grinding grain
 As our route uses the PR GC06, this part of the route is well marked
We pass this manorial house complete with its own chapel

 Looking back at the hamlet of Monagas as we approach the top of the final ridge
 La Laguna - a dried up pool on top of the ridge which is a popular picnic area
Descending to Teror the town comes into view
 Arrive at the bus station of Teror at 16.15 in time for the 16.30 nr 229 bus back to Las Palmas
Relaxing waiting for the bus
Arrived back on Dutch Link before 1800hrs.
 This was a very pleasant walk through very varied scenery - woods, ridges, hamlets, barrancos - but not as spectacular as the previous two hikes.

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