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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hike Faial PRC2FAI Porto da Faja 31 July 2012

Weather forecast was for rain in the afternoon so got up early and by 0800hrs 31 July were on our Scooter on the Northern coastal road heading West
Objective was the hike PRC2FAI to the Porto da Faja which starts in the village of Praia do Norto

By 0900hrs we arrived at the start - weather not looking too good

the flowers cheer us up
The first part of the hike was through small fields separated by bamboo

first glimpse of the Faja below
into the woods

another glimpse of the Faja

by now the rain has set in
entering the Faja along a stream
typical old stone house surounded by vines
looking back to the cliffs down which we had descended
walking in the rain ....
Porto da Faja - raining hard. There is a popular sandy beach here - no takers today

we sheltered from the rain under this handy tarpaulin doing Sudoku while we waited for the rain to lessen

sort of manor house with church
more vines

rain stopped
wonderful display of Montbrecias

We were planning to do another hike but weather looked too unsettled. So drove back to Horta for lunch on Dutch Link - arrived 13.30hrs. We were driving in cloud/fog most of the way back.

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