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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hike Faial PRC4FAI Caldeira 30 July 2012

 Awoke Monday 30 July to a glorious morning with the often shy cloud shrouded peak of Pico completely exposed
At 1400hrs Monday 30 July rented a 50cc scooter from Rua Eduardo Bulcao No 1for 37.5 Euros for 36 hrs and set off for Faial's central Caldeira
 with the aim of doing the 8 km hike PRC4FAI around the crater rim - below is an overview of official hikes on Faial
There is a good but steep road from Horta to the start of the trail - the road is lined most of the way with a glorious floral display
Hike trail map
 The start of the trail
 As the trail is either on the rim or just iside the rim, there are continuous superb views of the crater and the coast and neighbouring islands

 The peak of Pico with a little cloud cover
 looking NE to the island of Sao Jorge. Further to the left, the island of Graciosa was also visible

 Pico's peak just peeping through
 many small wild flowers
 and, of course a huge number of Hydrangeas

 looking back to the view point / tunnel at the start of the hike
 Fields separated by Hydrangeas
 Apple time
 more Hydrangeas

 looking west to the Cabecos da Fonte and do Canto which we hiked over on the previous hike

 The Caldeira rim is like a knife edge here

 another break
 the 27 km Vlcano route hike PRC6FAI branches off to the west from our hike
 Pico getting clearer
 perfect spot to have a Kindle break

 a secondary crater which apparently postdates the original eruption
 almost completed the circumnavigation - the car park where we left our scooter
 driving back through Hydranger lined road
 Horta Harbour
 with the new Ferry Terminal in the foreground
 Back on Dutch Link, Pico completely clear again as it was in the morning
this has been a perfect day for this magnificent hike

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