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Friday, October 12, 2012

Blog layout revision - Search, Translate, Labels

You may have noticed a couple of small changes to the layout of  the blog.:-

1. Search  Box.
By typing any word or words in this box to the left of the word "Search'  then clicking on 'Search', a list of all the blogs which contain that word or words will appear - this is in some ways the best  way of finding, say all the blogs on hikes on Madeira, for instance.

2. Translate Box
Clicking on the Translate Box allows you to select the language with which you wish to read the blog.

3. Labels Box (Top right).
If you click inside the Labels blog dialog box,  you get a list of all the labelled topics. Scroll down the list till you find the topic you are interested in then click on that topic. The displayed blogs will be just those blogs with that label.

Alternatively, lower down the blog on the right hand side is a list of all the labels - the number in brackets is the number of blogs with that label. By clicking on one of the labels, the blogs with that label are shown.

We hope you are enjoying our blogs

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