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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hike Faial from Horta Marina to Monte Carneiro 22 Sept 2012

By the afternoon of 22 September, Tropical Storm Nadine had passed and we felt we needed a walk. So walked from the marina eastwards along the water front until we reached the Rua da Vista Alegre where we started our climb to Monte Carneiro
Passed this Spirito Santo Emperium
 and this huge Dragon Tree
 Stopped at the Miradour Vista Alegre for views of the new ferry terminal
 with Pico in the background
 and the ravine below
 After 1 1/2 hours mainly climbing on roads, reached the top of the Monte Carneiro
 which gave superb all round views

 Unfortunately the Caldeira was in the cloud
 Retracing our steps, had views of the north coast including the commercial area near the power station on the airport road

 around about here Mike was attacked by the only bee we had seen all day, which decided to commit suicide and sting Mike just above the right eyebrow
 Jeannette managed to remove the sting. A passing car gave us a lift to the Horta Hospital. However, they wanted 115 Euros cash to see a Doctor which we did not have on us. So having decided that Mike was not allergic to bee stings, we just walked back to the boat.
The next morning Mike's eye was swollen closed.
An eyewash with Optrex helped to reduce the swelling remarkably so after about 3 days the eye was back to normal.

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