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Monday, October 8, 2012

Sail / Motor Madeira Calhete to Funchal 5 October 2012

Friday 5 October left Calheta marina for the 16 NMile trip 
eastwards to Funchal

 Leaving Calheta
 As there was a slight head wind we motored the whole way

 Passing Ponta do Sol
 from where we had hiked the Moinhos / Nova Levadas the day before

 close up of Ponta do Sol
 Passing the Cabo Girao cliffs which at 589 meters are amongst the highest in Europe
 The small Fajã dos Padres at the base of the cloiffs can only be reached from the land via a lift bolted to the cliff face.
Fajã dos Padres has  50 inhabitants and has an exclusive holiday resort with hotel and restaurant offering fishing and all sorts of other leisure activities.( see for more photos)
 The highest part of the Girao cliffs
 approaching Funchal

 Some of the Funchal hotels with their private lifts to the sea
 looking back to Cabo Girao
 approaching Funchal Harbour
 entering the harbour

 past the large tourist cats on moorings
 about to enter the marina

 the small fuel dock on the right

 Dutch Link moored alongside the marina wall

 By clicking on the below link, one can get views of Funchal Marina in real time


Anonymous said...

Wat een mooi rustig weer om deze 16nm te varen.Ja we herkenden de klif met zijn lift van vorige blogs,
toch wel een beetje griezelig om daar onderaan te wonen.Dank voor de mooi plaatjes , hopelijk liggen jullie daar goed zo onder de breakwater?Grtjs LNG

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