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Sunday, July 3, 2016

2016 Car Trip around São Jorge

Saturday 2nd July 2016, rented a car at 0830hrs from AutAtlantis Rent a Car in Velas with the the intention of exploring the eastern part of São Jorge and visiting Topo, the village and Lighthouse at the eastern tip of the island. 

The trip started by climbing the hill behind Velas from which there were splendid views of Velas

And zooming into Dutch Link
And there she is at the hammerhead of pontoon A
Passed the airport
View of Faja das Almas on the south coast
Stopped at Calhete for 11'ses. View of the ferry quay and town

The steep cliffs along the south coast

Faja dos Vimes
On the way down to Faja dos Vimes
Almost the whole route was lined with Blue and White Hydrangeas
From time to time we entered low cloud with drizzle
The neighbouring island of Pico in the distance
More Hydrangeas with wild roses
Looking down over Topo, the most easterly village with the island of Terceira in the distance
Topo Islet

Rock seawater swimming pool at Topo
Topo harbour - as is common along this coast the fishing boats have to be lifted and berthed on the quay
Our lunch cafe at Topo
We had a very tasty Espata - meat and pepers grilled on a skewer
Topo Lighthouse
Vineyards Lanzarote style - each vine surrounded with low walls of volcanic stone
More Hydrangeas
Faja de São João
Mirador with tiled painting of the old system for lowering / raising items from the Faja below
Faja de São João

Faja de São João
Faja de São João
Faja de São João
Faja de São João
Terceira on the horizon
More Hydrangeas

On the route back we passed the start of a hike we plan to do in the next few days

The start of the hike
Arrived at the top of the hill above Velas at 1730 hrs - just in time for the Bullfight!
View of Velas from the Bullring
Tickets cost €15 
The Torreador

The unique Portugues lineup


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