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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Hike São Jorge Pico do Pedro to Faja do Ouvidor

Woke early on Monday 4th July 2016 to find that, for the first time since arriving in Velas, Pico was completly cloudless, suggesting that this would be a superb day for our hike.
At 0900 hrs Antonio collected us, and our old friends Per and Bitte of S/Y Pangea Ultima from Las Palmas, at the marina.
At 0920 he dropped us off at the start of our 17 km hike to Faja Ouvidor on the North coast 

Our route 
Setting off with the island of Pico clearly visible to the south

The track rose steadily from around 700 meters altitude 
Passing the peaks of Pico do Pedra, Pico do Carvao, Pico Verde and Morro Pelado
We passed close to the place where the tragic aviation accident took place in 1999
The eastern end of Pico island
Pico Peak just above a band of cloud
Looking back along our trail
The western end of Pico. During our hike clouds formed and disapeared again, an ever changing vista
Reached the 1053 meter peak of Pico da Esperanca, the highest point on the island


Looking north to the island of Graciosa



The island of Terceira, just visible to the east


The island of Faial just visible to the west of Pico

A convenient place for lunch - the previous occupants kindly vacated the prime spot for us - not many places to sit on the route

The village of Norte Grande
Norte Grande Church
The Faja do Ouvidor, our objective

The old access route to the Faja was fairly steep with many rock steps
With glimpses of the Faja do Ouvidor


Walking backwards down the steep road 



Our end point, the small harbour 
Telephoned our taxi at 1510 hrs and at 1600 Hrs the taxi arrived to take us back to Velas - total cost  €37.

We had refreshments in a cafe while we waited for the taxi.

A thouroughly enjoyable hike in perfect weather.


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