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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Motoring Velas, São Jorge, to Horta, Faial 6 July 2016

0730 hrs Wednesday 6 July 2016 we left our mooring in Velas and motored against a WSW 3 under the low cloud for the 22 nmiles trip to Horta on the neighbouring island of Faial.


 Rounding Morro Grande

Pico almost visible
The whole trip we were in 3G range so we had internet and, in addition to playing Wordfeud online with our relatives,  could use the Marine Traffic App and see which ships were in our vicinity, including their names, courses and speeds - very useful. Our position is the tourquoise arrow in the center of the circle.
And there was the Gilberto Mariano Ferry !
The wind increased to around 20 knots apparent, and we could only make 4 to 5 knots SOG - probably had current against us as well.
The visibilty got worse
And we could only see for about 1 mile
Horta appearing out of the mist
Horta - arrived 12.45 hrs and moored alongside fuel dock waiting for office to open to check in ( marina office closed 1200 to 1300 hrs - during this time we received no answer to either the VHF or Mobile phone
Our mooring in Horta  - total distance motored 22.4 nmiles, time taken 5 hrs 15 minutes.


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