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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Miami Yacht & Engine Works 19 Jan 2010

For the last week we have been on the hard at Miami Yacht & Engine Works on the Miami River.
The leaking seacock for the engine seawater inlet has been replaced, the boat antifouled and the bow thruster electrics repaired. On emptying the sail locker to gain access to the Bow Thruster we found quite some water sloshing around - further investigation revealed that the top lip seal on the anchor windlass shaft was leaking. So anchor winch off and dismantled and new parts ordered. As we had to wait for the parts, took the opportunity to change the propellor shaft seal which had been dripping and carry out lots of other jobs which we had been postponing. Back in the water today but have decided to solve the white smoke on start up problem with the main engine - advice from Mike from Jade Woman suggests that the springs in the injectors may be weak and let fuel drip into the cylinders when the engine is not in use. So trade in injectors have been ordered and a certified Volvo Penta Mechanic booked to fit them on Friday.
So our departure for the Bahamas is somewhat delayed - still, on the bright side a lot of items which needed fixing will have been fixed.
Our friends on Yara have used the weather window of the last couple of days to cross the Gulf Stream and are now in Nassau and will be heading south for Cuba - so unfortunately we are unlikely to see them until probably Bermuda in May.
Temperatures in Miami have risen dramatically the last few days and are now in the mid 20Cs most days so no need for fleeces and heating - this is apparently how it normally is at this time of the year so the locals must really have had a shock last week with temperatures plummiting to the freeze point
Our camera decided that we have dropped it once too often and will only produce grainy pictures so sorry for the picture quality - have had to order a replacement.

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