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Friday, January 1, 2010

Vero Beach Florida

Vero Beach is living up to its nickname "Velcro Beach" - it is so convenient and pleasant here that we have not yet moved on.
Hope all our readers have had a very good Xmas and we wish you all a very Happy 2010.
We celebrated Christmas Eve on Yara , Xmas lunch was a pot luck lunch at the marina where all the yachties brought a dish - very enjoyable meeting everyone.

There is a very convenient free bus network here - a bus comes every hour to the dinghy dock and brings one to either the beach or the shops.

The temperature has been variable but some days have been warm enough for shorts and T-shirts - mid 20'sC. Had several walks along the beach (some brave souls are actually swimming in the sea).

Since then spent 3 days working on the boat - Generator sea water flow was low - found that most of the blades on the sea water pump impellor were missing so had to dismantle the heat exchanger and clean the blocked sea water injection nipple on the exhaust elbow. As the forcabins had had to be emptied for this, took the opportunity to replace the faulty 220volt low pressure pump for the watermaker ready for the Bahamas.

Saw a few Frigatebirds soaring effortlessly above the beach - a sure sign that we are getting south.

Many baby Portugese Men of War Jelly fish are on the beaches at the moment.

Celebrated New Years Eve on Dutch Link with Pol & Kyra from Yara - Jeannette made Appel Flappen for the occassion - gezellig evening.

Spent some time planning trip back to the Med and ordered the necessary charts and pilot books and are now waiting for them to arrive before moving further south.

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