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Monday, March 1, 2010

Bahamas Nassau 28 February 2010

Another front was forecast to arrive late 27 Feb and as the wind was expected to come from the south, pushing us into the busy channel, we decided to reanchor yet again on 26 February. However, after many frustrating abortive attempts in different parts of the harbour, we ended up more or less where we had started.

In the afternoon we walked to Government House for their Tea Party which is open to all on prior reservation. It is an old custom which takes place the last Friday of each month. One is seated at tables for around ten people with a mixture of Bahamian people and visitors. The idea is to facilitate visitors meeting Bahamian people over local te served Fever Grass Tea and Avocado Leaf Tea) and local fruits and cakes.

During the tea party we were entertained by a story teller, Bahamian Fashion show and live music. The party ended with a colourful performance by the Royal Bahamian Police Marching Band. All in all a very pleasant occasion.

The world's largest cruise ship, the Oasis of the Sea, docked here dwarfing the other cruise ships.

On the 27th Feb we went ashore to investigate the possibility of going into a marina as over the next few days some severe fronts are expected. The first marinas we visited either had no room or were very expensive - around 2 US dollars per foot - ie close to 100 dollars per night for us. We were becoming resigned to an expensive period when we chanced upon the Bayshore Marina which offered us a slip for just 75 US dollar cents per foot. So here we are happily safely moored waiting for the fronts to pass over.

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