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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sail Bahamas Little Farmers Cay to Black Point 27 March 2010

Woke up 27 March to no wind so decided to leave the tricky mooring at Little Farmers Cay before breakfast and motored the 10 miles or so to Black Point on Great Guana Island.

Perfect anchorage for the prevailing easterly winds but not good in a westerly. Very good holding in 2.5 meters at LW (24deg 06.05N 076deg 24.02W).

Had a walk ashore through the small settlement.

Finally took a photo of a bird we had been getting glimpses of and hearing on most of the cays - think it is a Flycatcher - probably the Gray Kingbird.

Close to the cliffs was an active blowhole.

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Unknown said...

Glad to see you got safely to Bermuda! Barb and I were amazed to hear Bermuda VHF calling you (twice)3 days ago while we were off the coast of Florida going north (we are now in Cape Canaveral). It was very clear radio and not sure why they were calling but it worried us a bit. I was also interested in hearing you had 355 knots of wind. Did Chrs P expect that much wind?!
Barb was also imprssed with the gymnastics! She also appreciated being included in your blog.