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Monday, March 29, 2010

Sail Bahamas Black Point to Warderick Wells 28 March 2010

With relief managed to reserve a mooring at Warderick wells on VHF 12 at 0900 hrs on the Exuma Park morning net, albeit in the more exposed entrance to the channel - relief because yet another fairly strong front is expected on Monday / Tuesday and there are not many safe places around here for strong winds with a westerly component.

Had a superb sail from Black point, beam/ broad reaching in a 15 gusting over 20 knot easterly in almost flat water over the Banks - Dutch Link excelled herself making 7 to over 8 knots most of the way. On the way recontacted Exuma Park - we were in luck - someone had unexpectedly left and so we were given an even more sheltered mooring (number 15 in the Northern Mooring Field) which is right in front of the Park Office.

At the Park office a jar of sugar is provided so that one can hand feed the friendly little Bananaquits - they are similar to Hummingbirds with a diet of nectar and can hover.

A Bahama Mockingbird soon appeared but did not find the sugar to his taste.

J. has just finished one of her excellent baking sessions

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