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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gran Canaria Molar rebuild 27 January 2011

Normally a visit to the dentist would not maybe be considered worth writing about. However, this visit was particularly interesting. Probably 25 years ago, I had a gold crown placed over the remains of a molar in my left upper jaw. All was well until a few months ago when I noticed a hole in the tooth between gum and crown. The dentist said there was a chance he could save the tooth but would not guarantee a successful outcome. I agreed to risk it and he then did the following.
He first removed the crown, then performed a root canal treatment and put the crown back on with temporary cement. A week later after an antibiotic treatment (Amoxicycline) he removed the crown once more , drilled a bigger hole in two of the root canals and screwed in two Titanium screws with a cement. This was necessary as there was not much tooth left to support the crown. He then put some teflon tape in the old crown, filled it with a special cement which has a silver colour when set and placed the crown over the screws. After 5 minutes of biting on the crown to ensure that it was in the right place while the cement set, he removed the crown , removed the Teflon tape, put some glue in the crown and replaced it permanently. After another 5 minutes biting on the crown, procedure was complete.
Hopefully it is successful, but in any case I am very impressed with my dentist's skill. As an added bonus he explained in detail in English what he planned to do and gave a commentary as he did it. If anyone needs a good dentist, I can highly recommend Jose R Fernandez Velazquez whose practice can be found at Avenida Juan XXIII nr 7, Las Palmas.

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