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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hike Gran Canaria 3 April 2012 Cuevas de Corcho Las Lagunetas

Once more caught the 0815 Nr 220 Sunday bus from Telmo bus station and at 0950hrs we were dropped off at Cuevas de Corcho, the start of our hike. Our hike was a combination of Sunflower walking guide routes 6, 8 and 7 plus a finishing section which we invented ourselves.
Despite the signpost at the start of the hike, the start (part of route 6 in the guide) was actually somewhat confusing as there were 3 trails leading up from here and our description for this section was starting from the opposite direction. However, as it turned out, all 3 trails joined together after 5 , uncertain, minutes.
The welcome confirmatory sign post - we were on the right track.

 The trail led initially between cleared pastures used for grazing sheep
and then entered a pine forest with steep rock cliffs from time to time
 Although the trail was steep and narrow with many rocky bits , we met several mountain bikers making their challenging descents
Eventually reached the ridge top overlooking Cruz de Tejeda, our first objective, nestled between the pine trees with Roque Nublo in the background
The trail information board in Cruz de Tejeda with the Parador in the background
On the right is the info board for the section of hike we just completed, on the left theinfo board for the start of the hike to Artenara which we walked 11 March
The next stage of the hike, Nrs 8 and 7  in the guide, starts just to the right of this restuarant
the start
Looking back at the Cruz de Tejeda
After climbing for a few minutes we the trail follows the edge of a ridge with superb views over the Tejeda Caldera
The Rorque Bentaiga
with Roque Nublo on the left
great spot for a rest
After briefly joining the GC150 road at the Mirador Becerra, we leave route 8 and continue on route 7, going down a track past some abandoned cave houses
The track becomes a shepherds trail as it winds its way down the barranco (dried up river bed ravine)
Here we decide to deviate from the route (based on information on a hiking mapa we have with us) and climb to a covered water conduit which contours around the hillside - reminiscent of the Levada walks of Madeira
Easy horizontal walking with superb views across the barranco
Looking over the valley to the ridge we climbed first earlier in the day
The Levada continues
interesting rock formations
The end of our hike comes into view, the hamlet of Las Lagunetas. We were early for the bus so we thought we would take a rest here and read - unfortunately after a few pages my Kindle froze up - 24 hours later it was still frozen - rang Amazon and they have sent a replacement  - now need a way to get it to the boat.
Our trail emerges from the left side of this house - walking the route in reverse it would be hard to find as it looks as though one is entering private property
this rough track on top of the ridge leads us down to Las Lagunetas 
joing the GC 15 - the main road from Cruz de Tejeda to Vega de San Mateo- 
Looking back up the valley to Cruz de Tejeda nestled at the lowest point on the horizon 
The bus stop at the roundabout on the GC15 at the turn-off for Las Lagunetas. Here we catch the 16.29 hrs nr 18 bus back to Vega de San Mateo from where we catch the 303 bus back to Las Palmas 
A very enjoyable hike

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