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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gran Tarajal 15 April 2012

Most mornings we like to climb a hill before breakfast to get the circulation going. In Las Palmas the hill up to the S Korean Church above the gardens overlooking the harbour was an excellent venue.
Here in Gran Tarajal, we did not have to look far for a suitable hill - see photo below. 
So this morning at 0800hrs we headed for it.
 The route followed a steep rough 4-wheel drive track
 20 minutes after leaving the boat we reached the first peak with a superb views

 The track had presumably been constructed in order to build this not yet commissioned communications tower

 After soaking in the view, we continued northwards along the top of the ridge to the next, higher peak (around 170m above sea level)
 Looking back at the first peak

 The spur to the east looked like a promising return route - confirmed by the sudden appearance of a large group of hikers which we passed on the way down - they were from Barcelona
 Zooming in to the peak from the town crawling with the hikers - we had timed our descent just right
Back on Dutch Link we enjoyed a good breakfast - hike time 1hr 45 minutes

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