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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Car Trip Morocco - Day 10 Taliouine to Tafraoute

Left Taliouine mid morning after visiting a Saffran Cooperative/ museum and headed for the town of Tafraoute which lies in a valley in the Anti-Atlas Mountains - reputedly a mecca for rock climbing and hiking

 passed several of these water wells used to irrigate the fields
 our route took us on quiet roads in the hills with much local agriculture wherever the terrain permitted

 with scattered villages

 lush terraced fields
 picnic lunch at top of pass

 a few kilometers from Tafraoute, the rock climbing mecca of Jebel el Kest
 Jebel el Kest
 Hotel Salama where we spent two pleasant days in Tafraoute
 view from the Hotel
 Hotel Lobby

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