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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Car Trip Morocco - Day 13 & 14 Agadir to Essaouira

The next day we decided to explore the reputedly picturesque old port of  Essaouira situated on the coast north of Agadir
on the way we passed many Argon Trees, which seemed to provide a favourite food for climbing goats

 parked outside the walled town of Essaouira
 and started looking for a hotel. First one we visited was not a success so decided to have elevenses at the Cafe Horloge and reconsult the Lonely Planet

the old clock tower which gives its name to the cafe

 Decided to checkout the Hotel Riad Nakhla which had a very friendly manager and looked fine. 
The hotel arranged a porter with trolly to carry our luggage from the car in the carpark outside the city walls
 the hotel entrance was in a sort of tunnel

 Had a stroll round the old port along the sea defences

 the port

 wooden fishing boats under construction

 more scenes around the old town

 this doorway caught our eye as the stone sides are slanted at an odd angle

 and more carpets
 the beach south of the port
 breakfast on the hotel roof terrace
 with views over the city

After breakfast we sadly parted with our friends who were to spend a few days in Marrakech before flying back to the UK. 
We drove back to Agadir, the road following the coast for some of the way

 Just before arriving back in Agadir, stopped at this beach cafe for a superb fish lunch

 Thought we had left the camels behind in the desert, but no, one even appeared on the beach by the cafe
 Back on Dutch Link we started to think of weather windows once more for our trip back to the Canaries after a most enjoyable two week trip around central Morocco - highly recommended.

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