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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sail Agadir, Morocco to Arrecife, Lanzarote 21 - 23 Nov 2012

Would have preferred to spend another week in Agadir but the Grib Files indicated that 21 November would be a good day to start our two day trip to Lanazarote in the Canaries - leaving it later, the wind was likely to drop and then be against us.

So we checked out first thing on the morning of 21 November and by 1330 hrs the lengthy but friendly check out process was complete and we cast off our lines helped as always by the very friendly helpful marina staff Hassan.
The wind was too light to sail for the first few hours and then picked up gradually from the NNE, as predicted
passed a local fishing boat. Luckily , unlike last year, there were not so many nets barring our exit from the marina
sailing into the sunset
once more AIS proved invaluable , allowing us to contact several ships who were almost on a collision course and who agreed to change course for us
approaching Lanzarote on the morning of 23 November.
Arrived at the anchorage in Arrecife on Lanzarote at 0930hrs 23 November after a very good trip. 
Total distance 226nautical miles covered in 44 hrs , motored 16 hrs 
Wind mainly from the NNE force 3 to 6.
Only issue was one of the straps in the Lazy Jacks broke allowing the reefed mainsail to sag over the boom - did an emergency job to secure it.

The holding here is very good - 5 meters water and sand.
This is fortunate as the first couple of days the wind was strong from the south - then we are on a lee shore and rolling a lot - reassuring to know the holding is good. With the wind in the normal northerly direction, the anchorage is very safe and comfortable

Used the old dinghy and outboard engine for the first time in a year - amazingly the 4HP Yamaha started first time
first time we landed the dinghy in the Naos port - a long dinghy ride.
thereafter we moored the dinghy off the rocks at the north end of our bay - had to be careful though as with a 2 meter tidal difference the first time we found the dinghy high and dry on the rocks!

Lydl and Ikea are close by
 our friends Riens and Ineke from S/V Zeezwaluw are anchored close by - last time we met was in the Azores in Horta

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